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"Engineering Solutions for your Communities, Projects, and Infrastructure" 


CRUZ-HOGAN Consultants, Inc., has an intimate regional presence in the Rio Grande Valley. We have assisted many cities and communities with planning, design, and construction phase services over the last 30 years. In conjunction with its predecessor firm, CEC Consulting Engineers, Inc., has been in business continually since 1987 and currently has a staff of over 12 employees, including associates. The firm’s principals have been active in the private consulting sector for many years, collectively, providing services to clients in South Texas and surrounding areas and completing some 500 public works-type projects. The firm is an organization of professional consulting engineers and engineering planners with over 80 years of combined engineering experience. 

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OUR MISSION at Cruz-Hogan:

Our firm’s formation and practice are to provide a complete technical and personal service to our clients and to complete projects on time and within the budgets. We herewith commit our firm to have a principal in charge of all work performed for you and to have a principal present, whenever humanly possible, at all major presentations, contract negotiations, bid openings, and other important meetings where our projects are involved.


Civil & Engineering Services: 

  •  Provide General Engineering Services   
  •  Land Development 
  • Streets and Storm Drainage             
  • Flood Control Projects
  • Federal, State & County Funded                    Projects
  • Aerial Mapping
  • Environmental Assessment
  •  Roadway, Bridge, and General                Design & Construction Management

Water Distribution Services: 

  • Water Treatment Facility Design
  • Planning, Acquisition & Design
  • Water System Modeling & Analysis
  • Water Quality and Supply Studies  
  • Capital Improvement Planning    
  • Financial Planning and Rate  Studies  
  • TCEQ Regulatory Compliance Planning  

  • Financial Pro Forma from Various          Funding Agencies (STATE & FEDERAL)TWDB, USDA, NEDBANK  ect.

Wastewater Collection          Services: 

  • Wastewater Treatment Facilities 
  • Planning, Acquisition & Design
  • Transmission, Collection, and           Conveyance Analysis
  • Sewer Rehabilitation and            Restoration   
  • Sewershed Studies  
  • Sludge Treatment and Disposal            Design
  • Booster and Pump Station  Design  
  • Inflow/infiltration Analysis   
  • NPDES permitting  
  • Financial Pro Forma from Various      Funding Agencies (STATE & FEDERAL) TWDB, USDA, NEDBANK  etc. 


Orlando Cruz P.E. - President

Orlando Cruz P.E., President of CRUZ-HOGAN Consultants, Inc. is active in private consulting engineering and planning for many years. He is manager of the Weslaco Office and has been in charge of the design and development of numerous projects throughout the Rio Grande Valley and South Texas.   

Ronnie Cruz P.E., CFM - Vice President 

Ronnie Cruz, P.E., Vice President of CRUZ-HOGAN Consultants, Inc., is a principal and manager of the McAllen office. He has managed and designed numerous public works projects in the South Texas area.                                                                                                         

Marcus Cruz P.E., CFM - Project Manager 

Marcus Cruz, P.E., of CRUZ-HOGAN Consultants, Inc., is  Project Manager of Water & Wastewater for the Harlingen & Weslaco office. He has managed and designed many public works projects in the South Texas area.

David Lopez P.E. - Project Engineer 

David Lopez, P.E. of CRUZ-HOGAN Consultants, Inc., is a Project Engineer for the McAllen office. He has managed and designed many public works and manages land development projects in the South Texas area.